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Actress, director & writer

Sandra Yi Sencindiver

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Tv series Netflix Geek Girl shooting
Kortfilm Våge shortfilm Watch by Sandra Yi Sencindiver med Nukaka Coster-Waldau Ditte Hansen


Sandra has been cast as Yuki Lee in Geel Girl, a new Young adult tv-series by Ruby Rock Pictures for Netflix. Based on the beloved books by Holly Smale, the story follows neurodivergent teenager Harriet Manners who is spotted to be a model and new face for the fashion designer Yuji Lee. Will air on Netflix in 2024. 


The shortfilm WATCH (VÅGE), written and directed by Sandra, has just come out of postproduction and is ready to be screened at festivals in 2023! First festival is OFF (Odense film festival) in August/September.

Watch is a story about two women who share a childhood secret. After many years, Helena seeks out her childhood friend, Charlotte, who has just buried her father. Helena’s flashbacks take us 35 years back in time to Helena’s and Charlotte’s childhood. The girls are close but have a complex and tense relationship with love and games intertwined with power plays and jealousy.  One violent incident ended their friendship. Helena tries to find the courage to confront Charlotte.


Foundation tv-series

Premier date July 14 on AppleTV+

Sandra has been cast in Foundation on Apple TV+ as Enjoiner Rue, the beautiful, politically savvy consigliere to Queen Sareth. A former courtesan to Cleon the 16th, Rue parlayed her status to become a royal counsellor. 

Article on Deadline

Et større billede A bigger picture

A Bigger Picture (Et Større Billede) 

Sandra is spokesperson for the activistic campaign Et Større Billede (A Bigger Picture) which is a call to action to better representation in the Danish tv and film industry. The group made remakes of press photos and posters from three major Danish projects and in the recasting over 40 actors and actresses in the remakes, they showed the Danish film industry who was excluded in the original projects. The new casting focused on including diversity in ethnicity, ability, national origin, bodies, age, gender, family constellations, sexuality and socioeconomics.

Read more on Deadline and Variety.

Sandra Yi Sencindiver and Thomas Chaanhing in The Wheel of Time S1 Amazon Prime

Featured in Amazon Prime's fantasy tv-series »The Wheel of Time« as Lady Amalisa of Fal Dara, who with her older brother Lord Algermar protect the world from en encrouching blight of Trollocs and Shadowspawn.  

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